Why Professional Photographs can make or break your business...

Little background on me, before I made a major career change as a professional photographer I worked in a highly competitive sales career. I was a high volume well respected name in the car business working with major brand names i.e.: Toyota, BMW, Honda, Hyundai etc... While selling these products I used to rely on many of our brochures, press kits and websites. I couldn't wait to open a new brochure awing at the beautiful photography/design of our products. There is something about being proud to show your product off in such perfect detail and in an artistic manner.

Fast-forward to current, I take this same approach with any business I work with. I take pride and craftsmanship into all of my projects, knowing this will be my clients first impression to there customers. I want my clients to feel confident and proud showing there products to there potential customers.

The difference between a poor representation of your product and a professionally lit, composed and processed image is exponential. I feel everyone has seen this affect with social media: for example, I've heard almost everyone say "me included" don't post that picture on Facebook it looks terrible! Reasons being this is a poor representation of you and you'd rather not show that image. This is all but true with marketing your product or business, why give a sub-par representation of something your so proud of? A professional representation of your product/business has many benefits: higher profit margins, easier selling, as well as a priceless warm respect from clients, that your business takes that extra step.  

Commercial & Advertising photography is an expense but not something to look over. If you've spent all your hard earned dollars creating/inventorying your product make sure it is shown off in its best light. 

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