Keith Borgmeyer




An observer of light with a perfectionist approach to the craft of fine-photography, Keith Borgmeyer brings a sensitive approach to his subjects, allowing them to be photographed as themselves.

 Mid-Missouri born and based in Jefferson City, the commercial, editorial and advertising photographer developed his skills at an early age. His mother said he drew a picture before he could write his name, and continued to develop his education in composition, light and shadow. Today, he approaches photography and graphic design with a traditional manner yet produced in a modern medium.

 Passionate about art, photography, music, talent, film-making and traveling, In his free time Borgmeyer creates rhythm and tones with his old flat-top guitar, searches for light, texture, color and expressions with his rangefinder camera or constantly pushes his mind and body with intensive workout routines.

 His mother was born on the Hawaiian island of Kauai and he grew up in what he describes as a one-of-a-kind family with an unbreakable bond full of authentic laughter. His mother and his two older sisters all work as therapists, and that influence has allowed him to to interact well with different personalities to gain their trust. His wife Ashley has provided undeniably strong, loving support during Keith's developmental stages of crafting his artwork.